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Tokyo, July 16th, 2024

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A Good Translation . . .

At Nexxus handling 40 languages means handling 1560 language pairs (40 times 40 minus 40). Multiply these by a dozen special fields and you are dealing with hundreds of specialists in each of these pairs.

From traditional translation work to localizing of software, web sites, and online manuals, Nexxus has the talent pool and tools.

Fortune 500 Clients appreciate our strength in handling high-volume technical documentation projects with the shortest possible turnaround times.

We employ the latest tools for translation memory management, update and maintain terminology databases, and pass on the savings in cost and time to our clients.

Never translate the same sentence twice is the power behind using translation memory software such as Trados Workbench, IBM Translation Manager, Corel Catalyst, and others - depending on client specifications and project size.

Nexxus Communications has been the first company in Japan to introduce TW into the translation workflow long before others discovered the power of these tools.

Today Nexxus offers full leveraging of tagged layout by employing the latest S-Tagger tools to provide competitive translation solutions for complete product lines for multinational companies worldwide.

In-house design capabilities at Nexxus include localized versions of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai PageMaker and QuarkXPress. Our in-house designers are also experts in FrameMaker and Interleaf.


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